Random Sky
Random Sky, 2006
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
A collaboration with Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle and Rick Gribenas.

7680 × 1024 resolution continuous real-time digital output; single channel, 10-projection screens; weather transmitter with temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction instrumentation; and 7 channel sound.

This large scale digital projection uses live weather information taken from a weathervane fixed to the front of the Art Center to determine the motion and pattern of the composition. Random Sky is a digital program that generates random calculations in real-time. Its performance maintains a degree of unpredictability informed by external data culled from the weather instruments located on the exterior of the art center. Projected as oscillating vertical blue and white bands across the center’s glass façade Random Sky results in tendencies rather than wholly predetermined narratives. The project is a semi-permanent installation literally wired in the building’s physical as well as digital infrastructure. It is meant to reside within and without the architecture of the center and to be called upon at any moment.


Random Sky | 2006 | Exhibitions, Projects