Communicado: Mine Yours, 2011
Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI
A collaboration with Joseph A. Insley
February 23 through April 3

Communication defines us.  It decorates our lives in every possible way: informing our relationships, shaping our minds, enabling civilization, and catalyzing uncivilized behaviors.  Meaning tries with varied success to ride it bareback in the mad leap from mind to mind. Truth finds light or hiding in its presence.  Without it, what would we be?  But what is it, really?

communicado (kə myo̵̅o̅′ni kädō) adv. or adj.
1. state of constant communication, pseudo-antonym of incommunicado
2. form of aggressive or relentless communication used as a weapon
3. artful combination of commando and judo
4. less artful combination of communication and bravado
Origin: imaginary word derived loosely from E incommunicado

This site-specific installation of Communicado was created in response to the thematic call Mine/Yours posed by the exhibition curators at Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, MI. The piece presents a dialog between me and you, him and her, H.G. Wells and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, and all combinations of their interpolated and extrapolated personae.

Communicado is a single channel three projector piece driven by a computer with custom program.  Words and phrases drawn from many sources create a constant exchange that evokes dialogue, enlightenment, and conflict throughout the always changing performance.  Two animated personae swerve alternately between roles as comrades, clowns, contestants, and combatants.

Mine Yours | 2011 | Exhibitions